Flower CSA

What is a CSA?  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Generally, a CSA is a subscription to a season's worth of sustainable, locally grown crops that are distributed to members throughout the harvesting season. It is a form of investment that allows small farmers to continue growing on a sustainable scale.


Farmers earn important early-season capital and have a guaranteed market for their crops. Barring a disastrous harvest, members enjoy lower costs, fresh produce, and greater access to fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat, eggs, and dairy among many other options.  Most CSAs require an annual or quarterly buy-in and provide weekly pick-ups.  Many CSAs also offer farm visits, u-pick days, and other special events for members.

The CSA model allows small farmers (such as myself) to grow our businesses in a way each year that provides for a steady income and crop to market plan that allows for peace of mind and more time spent growing plants to share with our members.

China Asters, Cosmos, and Zinnias

China Asters, Cosmos, & Zinnias




Sunflowers, Zinnias, & Ammi


Geom, Calendula, Zinnias, Ammi & Violas


Violas, Calendula, & Cosmos


Single Tulips & Wild Greenery


Hyssop, Lavender, Calendula, & Cosmos


Dahlias, Zinnias, China Asters, & Cosmos


Irises & Dyers Chamomile


Russian Sage and Zinnias


Rudbeckia, Zinnias, & Dahlias


Tulips & Wildflowers


Dahlias, Zinnias, & Russian Sage




Dahlias, Wild Yarrow, & China Asters


The Twig and Snip Flower CSA will start April 10, 2020 and run for 25 weeks.  The bouquets will be 'minis' of 10 to 15 stems depending on the available flowers and last 5 to 7 days in a vase.  Mini bouquets also average 10" to 14" in height for ease of arranging in small living spaces. 


The bouquets will change through the year as the seasons change and different successions of flowers come and go in the garden.  You can get an idea of the variety available from the above bouquets from 2019.  Each bouquet will also include wild foraged greenery and flowers from around the Pacific Northwest.

There will be three pick up locations this season.  One at my home in Everett, and two host locations in Seattle.  One located in Ballard and the other in Ravenna Neighborhood.  Pick up days will be on Fridays so everyone can enjoy their flowers for the weekend.  More information on pick-up will come with your member welcome email.

In addition to the bouquets you'll get a wee newsletter each week.  Featuring info about the wild plants included in the bouquets and highlight some of the flowers as well as give behind the scenes looks.  Also included will be info about how to order extra bouquets if there's a larger than expected harvest and info about ordering wreaths, plants, herb bundles, and indoor flowering bulbs for the winter months (as available!)

The CSA options:


Weekly - The full 25 weeks, a $10 mini bouquet each week from April 10th to October 2nd!


Bi-weekly - 12 weeks, a $10 mini bouquet every other week from April 17th to September 18th!

I'm excited to begin to begin the 2020 growing season and see what I can bring forth on my small but mighty flower farm as I continue to learn about farming.  So join me on this flower adventure!

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(email me to talk about a different payment plan if you need to break it up into installments! )


I cannot refund any payments once you've decided join. The money you put towards this share will be used up front to pay for supplies for a whole year of growing flowers.  This is a season long commitment in supporting your local flower farmer and I'm so thankful for that support!